Emotions: Happiness

This song can be seen as the Holy Spirit's eternal invitation to joy. Dance on the roof and be joyful!
"Fairy tales can come true! It can happen to you when you're young at heart...Love is either in your heart or on its way."
This is a song that when reinterpreted is such a beautiful song singing of Heaven! "I'm in Heaven. Come and dance with me."
This cover of 'Oceans' is a beautiful & clear expression of loving presence!
This Heavenly song Eternal is from Svava's first album Divine Essence. Enjoy the deep journey to the remembrance of Who You Truly Are. Love and Blessings ♥️
"Lay your dreams down forever Let the light bring you home Nothing here will turn out better It's time to let it all go" —Carried By The Light, Svava Love