Blocks Tag: Addiction

This is a beautiful song. For me it speaks to the temptation to choose attack or fear over love. This song is like a prayer to reawaken the light and happy heart (Won't you come out and play with me.)
This song slips under my skin. I love to listen to the dark and poetic lyrics. It speaks to the unconscious and to all that is human in us. It speaks of our inherent innocence and asks for forgiveness
Svava's song are consistently extending an invitation into a deep trust in the Universe of Love that is safe to let go into. Her music reminds all that Love is not fearful but the only Answer to all.
The sincerity and rawness and the way this song feels, like a combination of a poem or stream of consciousness is what I love about it!
This is a beautiful testament to the strength of God and how the ego really has no reality and therefor no power. The only power it has is that which we give it.