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We Are Good

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"But still don't you wanna believe In things that eyes do not perceive"
I’d add a Spiritual designation to this song also. The song reminds me of my lovely friends.


Early morning, rising with the sun
Resting where the sky meets the earth
Feeling the first rays of sunlight reaching into my soul
Where they reinstate the sense of my own self-worth
If you’re not good, you’re bad
That’s far too black and white
Behold the glorious sun in all its radiance bright
It too at times is obscured by the thick blue veil of night
Still the moon and all the stars combine to reflect it’s light.
And so it is that we are good
Though we do not always do as we should
We lose track of right and wrong
And we’re not always standing strong
But still don’t you wanna believe
In things that eyes do not perceive
Like our light shining from within
That in a battle with our darkness can win
The gates of heaven open up before me
As my heart is given…