The Light That Never Fails

Song Submitted by: Jessica
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The Light That Never Fails
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This is a for sure one of those songs to have in your emergency spiritual tool kit! This entire song from beginning to end is one beautiful reminder to listen and follow.
What a wonderful reminder that the light never fails. Once the darkness in your mind is raised into awareness and given to Spirit, it’s gone. No questions asked. It’s easy to forget that our purpose in life is to forgive and nothing else. This song is a fantastic reminder of this fact! “I’m asking you to lift me higher than I’ve ever been.” Now that’s a beautiful prayer to Spirit!


When the cold bites your bones
And gets in your heart
It can make you feel hopeless
And fear will come to steal your sun
And make it dark
But don’t believe you’re lonely
We’ve all had that moment
When our shoulder sink
And we sit back and think
We could just run, but
We’re not born
To chase the faded light
We’re not born
To fall and lose the fight
Never letting go. Oh no!
Am asking you to
Lift me, lift me higher than I ever been
Hold your breath and say
You’re gonna come with me
We were born to follow
The light that never fails
(Ough Ough Ough Ough)
We’re scared to fight
We’re scared to climb
Afraid to die
But I can be your courage
And help you see that you’ve already won this
We all have that moment
When our head hands low
We question if we should go
Or turn…