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Tell Me Baby
Genre : ,
Album: Stadium Arcadium
Year : 2006

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Blocks I want to remove:
Identity, Money & Career:
Time to let go of your stories, the dream world of gimmicks. No more giving up your innocence you left behind. Can't take it for another minute? Turn to guidance and love.
This song was posted on mlge facebook page by Kelly Jackson. I was surprised to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers! So I happily clicked and wow a great song!

If you “Can’t take it for another minute” then turn to guidance and a new perspective!


They come from every state to find
Some dreams were meant to be declined
Tell the man what did you have in mind
What have you come to do?
No turning water into wine
No learning while you’re in the line
I’ll take you to the broken sign
You see these lights are blue
Come and get it
Lost it at the city limit
Say goodbye
‘Cause they will find a way to trim it
Lookin’ for a silly gimmick
Gotta get away
Can’t take it for another minute
This town is made of many things
Just look at what the current brings
So high, it’s only promising
This place was made on you

Tell me, baby, what’s your story
Where you come from
And where you wanna go this time?
Tell me, lover, are you lonely?
The thing we need is
Never all that hard to find
Tell me, baby, what’s your story