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Album: Sing me Awake

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Shine ❤ This song is a prayer of removing all fears so that the light of Who we are (the Christ Mind) can shine within the mind.
This song does exactly what the band’s name suggests. It opens the heart wide open to God’s Loving presence that dwells in stillness within. This song is like a miracle in that it settles a troubled mind allowing and reminding and inviting all that is not loving to be brought to light and dissolved forever! Shine!!!


Shine, holy light,
gentle light of Christ.
Shine, holy light.
Shine within my mind.

Shine away the blocks to love.
Shine away the false.
Shine away resistances
to the memory of God.

Dissolve my thoughts of separateness
and images of fear,
until I see the Face of Christ
shining bright and clear.

Bathe my mind with light of joy,
the radiance of the One.
Cleanse away sad dreams of pain
with the tender light of love.

Help me be a child of light,
shining as I dream.
Illuminate my holiness
to be a light that heals.

Let my brothers see in me
the light that is their own,
honoring their holiness
and leading them back home.