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Peace Piece
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Album: Everybody digs Bill Evans

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This insightful song review was written by Christine Phibbs-Barr and posted in the Music Lover's Guide To Enlightenment Facebook group.
This piece (peace haha) helped remind me of ‘playfully’ mind watching. It seemed to show me the peaceful comforting underlay (symbolized by the left-hand playing) – the Truth of who I am – that’s always playing – constant comfort – and then the small-self part (played by the ‘right’ hand) of thoughts tinkering along in harmony at times, playful, inquiring, and other times thoughts coming up in the mind that seem louder, persistent (holding on to being ‘right’), discordant, jarring, confusing, testing, seductive, aggressive … and all the while the steady, constant underlay of peace and comfort continuing to play in the seeming background. And as I allow the small-self thoughts to express, show themselves in full acceptance (while not identifying with them or believing or hanging onto them), they seem to play themselves out, expressing what they need to and then dissolving so that all that’s left is the peaceful steady underlay/backdrop of soft rhythm. And of course, I see now, too, the Truth playing through both – no duality, no ‘one hand or another’ – it’s all One, lol 😀💗
thanks to my friend Seth who brought it to my attention