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Meditation for Anxiety & Restlessness
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Year : 2020

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A meditation in song for anxiety and restlessness. A Course in Miracles, lesson 75 The Light Has Come
The meditative song, The Light Has come, starts around 8:40.

“Do you ever feel anxious or restless? I know I do! But I do really notice that the more I train my mind, the faster I remember that whenever I’m not at peace, it must mean that I have chosen the ego as my teacher and that I can always and instantly choose again. So where in the past I would suppress my feelings, try to distract myself from not feeling them, or put on a happy face when I was actually not feeling it, I now more and more quickly, sometimes even in seconds, remember to choose again for the teacher of Love instead of fear.

I was having one of those moments this afternoon and as I went to meditate to shine a light on what was troubling me, I felt guided to record my process and it turned out into a beautiful authentic meditation for surrendering all of our upset. I love sharing my own authentic process with you and I felt SO incredibly joyful after recording that video. It’s like the moment we re-direct our mind, hand over everything that is bothering us and take a step back again to let Love take over the steering wheel, JOY is inevitable!! And sharing that miracle with you is joy multiplied over and over ” – Neda Boin