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Just Relax
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Just relax. Go slow. There's no need to hurry. There are no monsters chasing you.
‘Just Relax’ is like a healing balm for the troubled mind. Just sit and listen and let it pour throughout your mind. This was one of the first songs given to Erik Archbold through Spirit as he began his calling as a traveling minstrel. Each lyric is perfectly suited to lovingly minister to a mind that feels lost or stressed and explains that there is no need to suffer further. Permission is given to let go and just relax and let the soft gentle healing presence of Spirit take over.


1st Verse:
Just relax… and go slow.
There’s no need to hurry, for there are no monster’s chasing you.
Be still… and let go.
There’s no need to worry, and there’s nothing that you really need to do.
2nd Verse:
Take time… to look inside.
For I can promise you there’s nothing about yourself you need to hide.
Take off the mask, and let the Light shine on…
Your innocent face… you’ve never done anything wrong.
And there’s nothing scary to protect yourself from.
Your nightmares are over; you don’t need to run.
Just open your eyes and see there’s nothing to fear.
All of your nightmares have long disappeared.
3rd Verse:
It seems a long time ago that you dreamed you’d left Home…
And wandered outside in the cold all alone.
You tried to make due with all your substitutes.
But they could not erase the pain of forgetting the Truth.
Well it’s still in your Heart, and it’s still in your Soul.
Just take off your heavy armor, and let it go!
And listen to me while I sing you this song.
Your friends are all here and your nightmares are gone.
4th Verse:
So just relax… and go slow.
There’s no need to hurry, for there are no monsters chasing you.
Right here, and right now…
You can be at peace, for only Love is all around.