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Heaven’s Peace
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Life Purpose:
I thank my Brother for his Gifts to me

The lyrics speak so lovingly of our Brother’s gift of showing us the false thoughts and beliefs we still hold in mind so they can be seen and released.


Heaven’s Peace Lyrics

Oh you who seemed to hurt me
You I watched desert me
You are my Self.

And you I took as lover
And you I made my saviour
You are my Self.

I run for eons
In a house of mirrors
Looking for the exit

Pointing accusing fingers
You played your part for me
You and your many faces
Reflecting a crazy world
One I choose to see
But now I’m ready
Oh so ready for Heaven’s Peace

So tonight I finally thank you
Tonight I finally bless you
You are my Self

And just like Christmas morning
I found your gifts outside my door
You are my Self.

I’m tasting freedom
Well, let’s all get drunk on it.
There’s a glass for all of us
And they never empty

And if I sober up oh, will you please remind me
Of the quiet answer
The one that’s always here
And I am asking
I’m so ready for Heaven’s Peace

Silent Lucidity

Hush now don’t you cry
Wipe away the tear drop from your eye
The lion