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Not just for children! The tiny mad idea. It was all a joke but he forgot to laugh!


Once upon a thought in the mind of the Son
When all was light and life was fun
Where love was law and it was understood that everything is one and God was good
There lived his only Son who was misled when a tiny mad idea crept in and said
‘You are not Spirit. You’re in space and time. You’re a mind in a body and ya not divine.’
It was all a joke but he forgot to laugh. And before he felt whole but now much less than half.
Guilt arose and along came fear and so thought the Son that his end was near.
The end being death he started to panic and this thoughts went back and forth like he was manic.
He was feeling all bad missing his Father but the tiny mad idea said he doesn’t bother.
The Son chose to listen and believed in the lie not listen to his Father’s voice from deep inside saying, ‘Son, I love you so. Why don’t you return?’
But, the Son was on the run. He thought his bridges were burned.
So, he tried to find happiness in this new place where everything was governed by time and space.
He never quite fit in and all he found was grief with nowhere to rest feeling haunted like a thief. It all seemed real but he paused this question, ‘Maybe it’s all based on a false perception.’
Then, ‘Swoosh!’ Came assistance from the Voice within. It said, ‘You are still Love. You have never sinned!’
This time he listened cuz’ he so wanted to go home.
He said, ‘Maybe I was wrong. I’m ready to be shown!’
The tiny mad idea freaked knowing it was doomed screamin’ ‘I will haunt you even in your tomb!!!’
But, the Son said, ‘No, I’ve had enough of you.’
And angels appeared and the world seemed brand new and everything was bright
and his fear was gone and the whole world sang along in a unified song.
And then, he opened his eyes and he realized it was all a dream to his great surprise.