Relationship: Vibrational connection

This song reminds us that God did not create this world. The Holy Spirit's interpretation lets us know it's alright to let it go and release everything that hurts us.
I love this song. First the melody drifted into consciousness and then slowly the lyrics began emerged as I go through my day. "These feelings won't go away. They've been knockin' me sideways."
I love singing along to this song. It has such a pure intensity that feels transcendent and gives one the feeling that they are actually running with wolves through the darkened woods somewhere.
This is one of those songs that is a classic because it reminds us that the secret of true prayer is forgetting all the things we think we need!
And straight into my arms, you will run, and when you come, my heart will be waiting to make sure that you're never alone. (sung by the Holy Spirit)