Spiritual Tool-Kit

We have compiled a collection of songs to turn to when you are experiencing “the dark night of the souls” or other emotional stress. Let the emotion rise as you listen to the song, next allow the song to remind you who you really are and choose Peace again. Ask for assistance and it will come. Be willing to let it go for an instant to hear the assistance. 

We also recommend trying a Levels of Mind form when going through a stress or pain.

Jonathan traylor

I Trust You

Waves of chills as I listen to this beautiful song so sincerely expressed to the Holy Spirit as a perfect reminder that trust is everything. Amazing!!!


Let Me Remember

This Classic is an amazing prayer for the Holy Spirit to be in charge of our lives and all our decisions. Amen!!!

James Blunt


This song is staggering in its direct message of comfort and release of the ego roles.

Jhené Aiko

Lead The Way

This is a beautiful song from the movie ‘Raya and the Dragon’

Krishna Prasad

Beloved One

This song reminds us of the promise from the One by which we are created that ensures our eternal oneness.

Billy Joel

Just The Way You Are

“I love you just the way are.” Beautiful! This is the message we all want to hear deep down.